Ridiculous and Dangerous


I really wish someone could explain how the United States of America is honoring this whole sham of an election season. How anyone can respect Donald Trump and therefore expect a respectful Presidency out of him, is utterly beyond belief.

Our primary elections were hacked by our own DNC, and we never got the candidate of The People’s choice.

Our main election was hacked by everyone including and especially Russia, who desperately wanted this ridiculous and very dangerous, clown car outcome.

Why are We the People not stopping the circus? This is where President Obama should step in with an executive order for an unprecedented Official Do-Over.

Just because it’s unheard of doesn’t mean it isn’t the right and most logical thing to do. How about the safest thing?

I am at odds with the America I was taught that I grew up in, and the one I am seeing with my own eyes. We are not being the strong and caring protectors of innocents in the World. Our government is protecting the financial security of the 1%. The coffers of the uber rich. They give us what they have to to quell our unrest and urgent hearts striving for a life worth living.

From the streets of Chicago to the rubble of Aleppo, no Power is being spent on behalf of human or environmental concern or protection. They kill children and scorch and poison our Earth, where they would leave us in the post-apocalyptic hell they’ve created; deluding themselves that they will escape to a bunker or get a space station built off-planet and move there because they have the money, power, and resources to do it.

Leaders of Russia, America, Israel and China have no concern for the billions of people whose lives they pawn. They are the Uber-Rich 1% and we are nothing but cogs in their luxury machine to them.  It doesn’t matter if we are black or brown or jew or muslim, they are using us and using us against each other. Let us not be fools.

You want JUSTICE and EQUALITY for ALL? Get off your butt and put your selfies and games away for a while and STAND TOGETHER. There IS strength in numbers. Protect your environment, and each other; pull out of big banks NOW. That’s a good first step.

And talk about it. We don’t grow and learn if we don’t share.


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